Aashish Kandel

Machine learning enthusiast

Hi there

Who am I?

I am Aashish Kandel. Well! I guess you already know that from the homepage. If you have come this far and you’re still reading it, you probably wanna know more about me. If so, then hold tight cauz this is going to be a long read. Just kidding! I will try to make it as brief as naturally possible.

My Geography

I am from Nepal currently in the United States. My passion have always been Mathematics and technology. I was am extremely fascinated by the art and beauty of mathematics. This enthusiasm of mathematics couldn’t be any stronger when I was studying in the elementary school trying to make sense of the world, nature, and it’s derivatives. When I got my hands on my first laptop in grade 9, I started getting into the digital world driven by maths and science. My passion in technology grew significantly when I started asking myslef how does a key pressed on a keyboard appreas on the screen? These curiosites helped me dive more into the field of technology. Okay, no more philosophy talks 😜

My Motto

I got my high school degree in physical science from Aroma Higher Seconday School, Bharatpur, Chitwan, Nepal. I came to United State soon after. I am currently enrolled in a University with a Computer Science major. I have an excellent GPA, always had them btw😜 But, the college degree or any other certificate doesn’t really mean a lot to me. Don’t get me wrong! they do mean something, but not a lot tbh. What really matters to me is this..this part of me contributing to the world in one way or the other. Since my passion is in mathematics and equally in technology, there’s no other field that is so perfect for me than a data science. It’s a combination of both maths and tech. Data science, machine learning, and AI are essentially the profound ecosystem that I am getting myself into. I am consistently doing projects which you can find on my github repo. I am always adding to these projects. A part of me is always trying to find a place in this growing ecosystem of technology, while the other part of me is always seeking for ideas and ways to implement the art and beauty of mathematics into the real world. If you have any ideas in mind, or if you just wanna say “hi”, please feel free to contact me. Let’s have some coffee together someday!